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The effect of rubber and plastic and used

by:TaiHai     2020-08-13

1 improve rubber viscous

EPDM rubber and phenolic resin

2 improve molding, calendering performance.

CR + br, to improve the compression performance of CR

3, reduce the tendency to scorch

add a small amount of low molecular polyethylene CR

4. Accelerate vulcanization

in the resin curing of IIR rubber mixed with a small amount of CR or CSM, instead of stannous chloride, can accelerate the curing rate

5 improves performance of the general processing of synthetic rubber

in synthetic rubber and NR.

6 improve shrinkage properties:

low pressure polyethylene can reduce the shrinkage of SBR rubber.

rubber and plastic and the role of the above are for reference only, there is a problem please contact with rubber.

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