The disadvantage of epdm

by:TaiHai     2020-08-09

epdm shortcomings and deficiencies are as follows:

1. Sticky side of the

although ethylene propylene rubber has become the most widely used tire products field of elastomer, but still can't play an important role in the tyre products production. Its reason, as long as it is ethylene propylene rubber self-adhesive and mutual viscosity difference, easy to cause tire delaminating. This problem is also one of the biggest problems in the ethylene propylene rubber application.

  2. Price at the beginning of the birth of ethylene propylene rubber, raw rubber has been projected rubber personage, due to its low monomer makes some predict it will be in the rubber dosage the biggest, the lowest cost of rubber. But today, ethylene propylene rubber raw rubber price is still higher than originally expected, and belong to the big synthetic rubber in the high, Although the price is lower than nitrile rubber and neoprene, but higher than that of styrene butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, isoprene rubber and butyl rubber)

  3. Vulcanization rate in

binary ethylene-propylene rubber chain fully saturated, does not contain active high double bond, so far still unable to adopt cross-linked sulphur vulcanization, only with sulfide slower peroxide vulcanizing, limiting the valuable application of elastomer.

  4. Other aspects of the

ethylene propylene rubber flame resistance, oil resistance, air tightness is poorer. So ethylene propylene rubber can't separate application in mineral oil, hydrocarbon solvent resistance of products; When used in flame retardant products, also want to add more flame retardants than other elastomer packing, so the high cost and poor flame retardant effect also; And used as inner tube, butyl rubber and part will reduce the air tightness of butyl rubber inner tube, and with limited.

on ethylene propylene rubber articles recommendation:

epdm is used for high temperature resistant conveyor belt status of high class

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