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The development trend of silicone rubber products production control device

by:TaiHai     2020-08-09

silicone rubber products control device in the structure of the injection moulding machine plays a crucial role. It is to interact with the operator interface, it makes a lot of function trouble-free enforce and work normally, to ensure the process again and again, every cycle. A prerequisite for the mass production quality molded silicone products only in the influence of all process related variables are controlled by the closed loop to meet. Especially important of which is injection phase has a great influence on the quality of product. Here is with moulded products and decisive match the geometry of the injection speed curve as well as to the current pressure maintaining phase breaking point, in view of the cycle of the injection operation, it should be accurately stays the same.

the silicone products manufacturer in shenzhen competition, customer price consciousness is the main competitive advantage, silicone rubber products market in shenzhen so provided in the production of silicone products manufacturer in silicone products, the production efficiency is the key. For the economic success, correct selection of production means is decisive.

as device especially electrical device miniaturization, injection moulding machine parts of the wall thickness has been reduced. Electric/electronic devices, such as mobile phones have become ever light small, at the same time, also reduces the production cost, but it is not because the material is lesser, but because of thin wall makes a cooldown reduced and thus shorten the cycle time. Finally the development direction, but this is by no means an important development direction, which is more component technology. Now, many components technology has firmly established himself in the plastic processing industry.

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