The details determine the quality _ the details in the process of rubber mixing

by:TaiHai     2020-09-01

the production of silicone rubber products is a complex process, each kind of solid silicone rubber products of the production must be the first rubber mixing, and then the production. So what is a rubber mixing process, the following will take you to see by silicone rubber products manufacturer.

1。 Mixing process is carried out in accordance with the operation process

rubber mixing although is before the first step of silicone rubber products production, but the mixing process is carried out in accordance with the operation process, is directly related to the quality of products, if not in accordance with the provisions of articles of association, and so is likely to produce product with impurities or the domestic is not stable,

2. The harm of rubber mixing jerry

if it is rubber mixing to cut corners, molding silicone rubber products will appear a lot of problems, such as product soft hard uneven, impurities, more severe lack of material, etc.

3. The control process before

some silicone rubber products manufacturer does not take into account the former process will affect the back of the process, actually every procedure has connected, just said after work procedure is limited, the influence of the former and the former process control is good or not is a manufacturer must pay attention to the problem, especially in the production of silicone rubber products.

4. Workshop environment

then mixing in addition to operating in accordance with the provisions of the articles of association, workshop environment is also very important, as we all know, silica gel, because of the adsorption, with electrostatic dust in the air will be absorbed by silica gel, and then the dust will lead to finished product quality problems, serious and even directly is affecting the characteristics of the product. As a professional silicone rubber products manufacturers, in addition to the exquisite technology, excellent technology, standardized management, workshop environment is also very important.

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