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The characteristics of the silicone material

by:TaiHai     2020-07-29

the characteristics of silicone materials have the following:

A. Silicone materials generally for gel, somewhat akin to silly putty, colorless translucent, tasteless.

  B. Its main characteristic is high temperature resistant, Up to 300 ℃) And low temperature resistant, The lowest - 100℃) , is the best cold resistant, high temperature resistant rubber; At the same time, good electrical insulation, high, to the stability of the thermal oxidation and ozone chemical inertness. Defect is low mechanical strength, oil resistance, solvent resistance and acid-proof alkaline poor, difficult to sulfide, the price is more expensive. Temperature: - 60℃~+200℃。

  C. Temperature: as above, Syria, generally set to - 40℃— 200 ℃, the role of up to 230 ℃ when in a short time.

  D. Ageing problems: poor resistance to oil, acid, alkaline, and stress distribution. http://www。 gdtaihai。 com/

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