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The characteristics of the silicone brush wash dishes | silicone wash bowl of the application of the brush

by:TaiHai     2020-08-20

the characteristics of the silicone brush to wash dishes | silicone wash bowl brush application

features: silicone wash bowl brush features in addition to the low temperature is high, the thermal shrinkage resistance, aging resistance, and excellent electrical insulation, but also has high quality and good efficiency and good dirty and stain resistance, prevent oil pollution.

applications: silicone wash bowl brush is mainly used to brush pot, brush a bowl, and other kitchen tools, silicone brush non-stick oil washing the dishes, clean ability was deeply loved by everyone. Silicone wash dishes brush is currently widely in foreign countries, because it is both convenient and easier to safekeeping is essential an artifact in the kitchen.

a palm-sized round cakes modelling design convenient size moderate, one hand picked up use. High quality material can be recycled, comfortable life small pavilion this dish brush double dense silicone brush head easy to clean, don't have to worry about washing clean, also the characteristics of corrosion resistant durable, strong oil absorption detergency, brush hair soft, not easy scratches the table.

daily life are widely used:

daily vegetables, fruit skin dirt, clean, health and safety to eat. So use it to wash fruits and vegetables is also a very good choice. Silicone material has very good heat insulation effect can be used as thermal mat, cup mat, put on the table to avoid high temperature plate pan burns desktop such as high temperature resistant easy to clean it.

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