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The characteristics of 100% pure silicone kitchenware products is introduced

by:TaiHai     2020-08-02

Silicone Zone is silica gel, can bear high temperature, and it is very soft, so it can be made meal to touch it. Basically, it will not release chemicals, raw materials is security. Silica gel - Safe environmental protection of natural materials; Silica gel is refers to the silicon rubber, belong to a kind of glue, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection and durable. We contact of solid silica gel, usually also have pure hierarchical, so-called 100% silicone, must not join in the process of refining the artificially filling agent, so as not to harm anyone, the silicone kitchenware products and rubber products factory in shenzhen is to use 100% pure silica gel.

the characteristics of the silicone kitchenware products:

1. - high temperature resistant, suitable temperature range 40 to 230 degrees Celsius, can be used in the microwave oven and the oven.

  2. Easy to clean the
: silica gel produce silicone products after using in water, it will be clean again, can also be used in the dishwasher to clean.

  3. Long life
: silicone raw materials chemical performance is stable, making the products, have a longer life expectancy than other materials.

  4. Soft and comfortable
: thanks to flexible silicone material, feel comfortable silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, highly flexible, not out of shape.

  5. A variety of colors: can according to the needs of customers, allocate different beautiful colors.

  6. Environmental protection non-toxic
: from raw materials into the factory to the finished product delivery does not produce any toxic or harmful substances. Silica gel is a great variety of kitchen utensils and appliances.

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common several kind of silica gel products:

the silicone mold categories: silicone cake mold, silicone ice, silicone Fried egg, silicone mold: chocolate with silicone soft easy demoulding, high temperature resistant, low temperature, the deformation characteristics, can be arbitrary design into their favorite shape made of silicone cake mould used for high temperature baking a cake, silica gel, used to make ice ice, cold drinks, silica gel the Fried egg can put eggs Fried shapes for the oneself to like, silicone mold chocolate, chocolate can be used to make various shapes.

tools, silicone scraper, silicone spatula, silicone egg beater, silicone spoon, silicone oil brush: the use of silica gel is stable, durable, the characteristics of plasticity, made into cooking gadgets, scraper, a shovel can be used to make fruit salad, cream cakes, silicone egg beater uniform mixing egg liquid, silicone oil painting will apply on food, not to drop hair.

vessel classes: silicone bowl, basin of silica gel, silica gel plates, silica gel cup, bowl, silicone folding silicone bucket: using silicone soft features, not deformation, not broken, made of silicone bowls, POTS, cups and other food, drinks, etc. Also is very good choice.

100% pure silica gel products four features:

high density, easy to clean, and leave no aftertaste, not hidden bacteria, also will not rust and water penetration, and deformation for a long time.

heat resistant to cold, in degrees Celsius 300 degrees high temperature environment and the 50 degrees below zero centigrade in low temperature environment, the structure is still stable, tasteless odorless.

a wide range: suitable for microwave oven, oven, steam oven and dishwasher, also can be used directly on the table after cooking.

. Note: although the silicone of high flexibility, but also can be a sharp knife pierced. In addition, the silicone, not directly with the fire cooking, will be the flame burning fuse.

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