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The application range of the foaming silica gel

by:TaiHai     2020-08-08

foaming silicone application range is very wide, can be used to make a lot of common parts, including foaming miscellaneous pieces of silicone used in automobile industry, such as box car seal gasket; Second printers and fax machines now development to use foamed silicone rubber roller to reduce weight, shock absorption, etc; Pollution-free food materials ( Including a dishwasher and seal within the oven and transporting food boxes) 。

in addition, foaming silicone especially can be used for compact density of component and joint force and requires the use of sealing rubber, so by reducing the density can reduce the total material cost. Need to heat insulation and foaming silicone seals have irregular interface and foaming silicone products are: insulators, foaming silicone gasket, bubble film, foam pad, foam roller and foaming extrusion products, etc.

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