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The allied to buy silicone synthetic technology in China

by:TaiHai     2020-07-24

ZhongHao chenguang chemical industry is the national key research center in our country, for our country in recent years polymer composite materials research and development provides an important product technology, after years of achievements of organic silicon, and environmental protection resin nano chemical and special engineering materials and so on have the mature technology experience, and this technology besides within the country proud, in overseas has been discussed and purchasing intention of several foreign companies, including mixing rubber becomes one of the important synthetic technology.

initially attracted foreign companies pay attention to the Taiwan health chemical, Hong Kong integrated optoelectronics and polish national industry research institute and South Korea KCC, a friend, dragon, etc. Large listed companies to purchase mixing rubber and raw glue into technology in China, and the morning of the school of agglutination into technology over the past two decades has transfer to national companies, has a dozen times to foreign companies to transfer!

with the United States dow corning corporation has decided to mixing glue into the dawn hospital purchase manufacturing technology, finally make deals with the dawn hospital overpriced without success. In all of China's high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber products for industrial synthesis from sunup company institute intermittent dehydration continuous polymerization, continuous low molecular straight hair off chemical process; To the dawn of static mixer used successfully, and then to the improvement of intermittent polymerization process, made great progress in this more than ten years. Raw rubber production technology has reached the international advanced level, has attracted the attention of the industry. For the Chinese government in 2001 awarded the continuous method of silicone rubber production technology inventor Wang Weiliang national scientific and technological progress second prize.

more than enough to explain our country in the production process of hot vulcanization methyl vinyl silicone rubber and silicone products manufacturing quality is not inferior to the multinational companies. And silicone manufacturers in China can be concluded that, in recent years, the number of import and export of silicone rubber in China was reported has occupied more than 30% of the global market share, and other multinational companies hot vulcanized silicone rubber is actually come and many private enterprises in China by production.

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