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The advantages and characteristics of fluorine rubber products

by:TaiHai     2020-08-08

fluorine rubber products are produced by fluorine rubber fluorine compound processing, the advantages and characteristics of fluorine compounds are as follows:

1. Fluorine rubber has not sticky: hard to bonding with other materials.

  2. Self lubrication, low friction coefficient.

  3. Low gas permeability.

  4. Light refractive index is small.

  5. Clean sex.

  6. Insulation: high insulation performance is good, small dielectric loss.

  7. Waterproof, prevent oil.

  8. High temperature resistance, can work under the environment of high temperature of 300 degrees.

  9. Drug resistance, solvent resistance, can sustain some medicines and solvents.

  10. Weather: not because the environment change and metamorphism.

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