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Tell you the silicone products use fixed number of year of the doorway

by:TaiHai     2020-09-12

for friends purchase silicone rubber products, silicone material use fixed number of year and aging rate no accurate verification, usually in the case of frequently used under three to five years is no problem! But different usage scenarios of life are also different.

the silicone products manufacturer in producing the products can be divided into the use of different environment:

1. As our daily belongs to a type silicone products, electronic accessories have belongs to a type, mechanical fittings is a kind of type, so the overall product raw materials adopted by the different use different life and storage life of all,

2. Such as good quality food grade silica gel, the medical grade silicone raw materials products in normal circumstances can ensure the service life of over ten years and the storage time is infinite,

3. Commodities such as our silicone rubber, silicone, silicone accessories such as irregular twists and turns in the long run and the water is light, heat, moisture, oil and other effects can be reduced to a discontinuity silicone product performance! So under normal use within ten years is no problem!

special usage scenarios:

for the service life of mechanical accessories electronic accessories products it has no common goal, no common cause to cooperate with life commodity, to deposit belongs to the fixed number of year, if in no twists and turns, light, oxygen, heat, wave, fluid, the influence of the force conditions, basic physical will not be affected, will not change the dielectric performance, long stored up to more than 30 years, if can accurate maintenance of silicone rubber products using the environment problem of fixed number of year of basic will not affect the product and storage of fixed number of year, so for the green environmental protection silicone material in the case of demand choice using silicone material it often do not have the advantage of less than other materials.

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