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Tell you the price of silica gel products accounting silicone manufacturer

by:TaiHai     2020-09-13

the silicone manufacturer to tell you the price of silica gel products, processing methods and technology adopted by the more complex, in addition to the staff, the machine, the product of raw materials and mould requires a different process and some special process. So the price calculation is quite complicated, silica gel products factory talk about this matter.

the calculation of silica gel products weight

when it comes to the silicone price accounting products in terms of weight is one of the most important first, if the product has no weight in silicone rubber products industry basic no one will quote accurate prices accurately, so a lot of time when many inquiry and customer need quotation need 3 d drawings or samples to check the product, the weight of the calculation method on the part of the general is obtained by the volume of a product by the density of silica gel products, the weight of the density in the silicone products industry when the person all know, the density of 0. 0012, if we use the density of silica gel by the volume of a product if send the weight of the weight is not silicone, and we can confirm the product is not using silicone material production, so the density of silica gel not only can confirm the weight of the product can also know whether belong to the quality of the silica gel. Intermediate production process and the key to solve the problem of major product quality. So not only in the growth of the machine is running, the precision of the mould, strengthening the operation of the operator and qc personnel reaches a certain demand on the technology and quality is the enterprise benefit.

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