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Tell me about the maintenance of rubber hose

by:TaiHai     2020-07-27

rubber and the maintenance of the

clean: after use, it is recommended that you will hose to empty. If necessary, shall be clean. Check: after each use must check the rubber hose, to ensure that no structural damage. Pressure: if the rubber hose when used under severe pressure or rubber outer will contact with the transportation of liquid for a long time, the hydraulic test is recommended.

rubber hose storage recommendations

due to the natural properties of rubber, all the physical properties of rubber products and performance levels will change. According to the type of rubber used usually such changes over time. But it may be due to several factors or a combination of several factors and accelerated change. Used in reinforcing rubber and other materials may also be adversely affected due to improper storage conditions.

contact with other materials

rubber hose can not contact with solvent, fuel, oil, grease, unstable chemicals, acid, disinfectants, or general organic liquid. Moreover, any kind of rubber mixture with certain materials or after contact will damage, including manganese, iron, copper and its alloys. Rubber hose should be avoided and PVC ( PVC) Or impregnated wood or cloth contact creosote. http://www。 gdtaihai。 com/

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