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Take you understand the design and production of silicone products

by:TaiHai     2020-07-19

with the improvement of people's quality of life in constant, awareness of environmental protection are also gradually improve, many traditional one-time commodities has also been gradually replaced by silica gel products, such as silica gel bags, silicone folding cups, such as silica gel straw, silica gel mask; They are all designers through ideas will silica gel to become creative and practical products. A successful silicone products from design to public needs creativity, time and cost, and designers can use the existing production technology and material, the product from design to production layout reasonable, this test to the design of mold and production process of familiarity.

in the silicone industry, we also often meet with cooperation of silica gel products design in the structure and process of conflict, there is also a customer to design the 3 d printing although 3 d printing samples as templates require manufacturers to the designer's ideas for a quick, but for now, 3 d printing technology in the silicone products in the industry still stays in the proofing stage, unable to realize the mass production of silicone products, which is the manufacturing cost is high, the second batch manufacturing efficiency is low, the silicone product quantity reach a certain amount, we will choose mould custom; After all whether production is the measure of market of the success of a product. In addition, in the process of the design of the silica gel products, products, mold processing shall be included in the scope, the CNC machine can processing mould shape and mould the internal texture is; In addition, you also need to consider the silicone products in the process of forming a series of technology problems, such as common thickness of silica gel products, the product is too thick will lead to problems in terms of structure forming is soft and hard to handle, is too thin to remove burrs loss and will increase labor costs. In addition, the appearance of the product surface process is also a wide range of screen printing, texture, drops of gum, spraying, laser carving process, the process is different according to different products of different surface treatment.

that's attention to the design and production of silicone products simple introduction, for design of the silicone products, suggest the designer in the process of product design and more silicone factory engineers to communicate, familiar with silica gel characteristics and process, adopt project proposals, can effectively avoid in mould manufacturing and 99% of the problems in the mass production. Rubber is a one-stop custom silicone factory, has 10 years of experience in custom, our engineers can quickly solve the problem of silica gel products design and production for the customer; Physical samples, drawings and matching chassis as long as you provide one, able to quickly provide customized solutions and products unit price for you. Welcome to come to consult the custom! ! !

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