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Take you know waterproof button structure design of the three points

by:TaiHai     2020-07-18

a lot of customers in the custom buttons would ask: your family can do waterproof silicone buttons? Actually waterproof effect has nothing to do with the keys, because the silicone is itself has the waterproof, just need to understand customers' products and key size tolerance can work closely in extrusion forming waterproof performance, the following structure design for everybody to popular science about waterproof buttons need to be aware of what question!

a, designed the silicone buttons can't positioning with a hole, because the buttons on the positioning hole with a large probability can lead to water into the internal electronics, that cause short-circuit burned circuit board.

2, silicone key edge need to add a higher than silicone waterproof side, outside with casing by waterproof edge groove position fixed, which can be fixed button position, prevent the keys, and secondly by waterproof edge to form effective seal waterproof environment.

3, can be through with the shell on the edge of button bump waterproof grooves between daub a layer of resin material, after curing of the resin to form a better seal environment.

that is silicone key manufacturers to waterproof design, if there is a need to know custom silicone or key process, welcome to visit seek communication consulting products, ten years we are a professional custom silicone rubber products manufacturers!

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