Surrounded by the whole floor MATS introduces and installation method

by:TaiHai     2020-10-07

1. Closely break pads the same die according to the model board, high basin edge protection design, make its more line break or car and car plate rubber pad. Floor mat use environmental protection material a integrated, according to the original car models with bodywork floor, special non-slip surface texture. The underlying special non-slip structure, will not variant mobile use.

2. Surrounded by measuring the three-dimensional full design for special purpose, draping technique, in view of the various models to make, with special non-slip card buckle, floor MATS and never to ensure driving safety, and has concave and convex and body completely, car is special, never walk.

3. Car interior can be varied, in addition to the original car seat covers, car MATS, also surrounded by all of car floor mat also became a very popular component of the interior.

4. Surrounded by all the MATS mainly has several features, special car, edge design, high security, permanent does not walk, the foot feels comfortable, more sound insulation shockproof effect; Easy to clean, good care; Beautiful and fashionable, introduction and generous; Three-dimensional die forming, special material, clean easily.

5. Products in addition to the maximum play MATS anti-skid, dustproof natural function, reveal the safety of the floor mat, environmental protection and interior function, improve car use a floor mat.

2, surrounded by all installed floor MATS

1. Surrounded by the whole car MATS installation is simple, clean the worn floor mat, and then simple cleaning, can be installed, then install the floor mat tile automobile rubber gasket.

2. Need to pay attention to, if there is a card buckle, need good card card buckle, then fixed, so installation is completed.

3. After the installation is complete, need the whole floor mat for simple cleaning and maintenance, simple cleaning is to clean with a damp cloth to mat, it can prolong the service life.

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