Special silicone products difficult demoulding problem and solution

by:TaiHai     2020-09-10

silicon recently received an order from Japan, belonging to miscellaneous customized, belongs to the special silicone products, to overcome the problem in mass production after parting of clear burrs, these need a lot of manpower, greatly reduce the efficiency of our production. Today we explain special silicone products difficult to demoulding problem and solution.

special silicone products is difficult to release the common problems of

question 1: hardness, low hardness, such as some shapes in sticking mold product, not too big not too small general mold can open one hundred to point products, hardness at about 30 products, and so on will be difficult to demould.

problem 2: separation problems, there are many separation after the mold, the cutting edge and fracture resulting product stick mold core need a deduction of phenomenon.

special silicone products and the reason of difficult to stripping solution

- core items Tuomoji

in silica gel forming silica gel process for mold release is also have certain skills, such as mould temperature reached after the first mould without stripping injection water, sulfide it must be stick mold, so a lot of silicone products manufacturer must all know that the first mould release agent.

the correct use of release agent:

release agent will be dedicated to the product of the demoulding, the appropriate spraying in the mold sticking mold parts, mold release agent is made up of different chemical resin main or styrene and amine, so there is a certain concentration, general mould release agent is not need too thick, so you can add a part in the release agent water blending into a suitable concentration, otherwise the product will appear as well as the weld mark and flow mark.

the mold itself screening of

just opened a new mould first require sand in case a burr or mold sundry goods and so on, so the sand in the test first.

second understand exhaust slot and the mold core in mold on the edge of the cutting edge is accurate, the development of the mould is reasonable, such as product is difficult to release or mold release products appear separation or edge phenomenon that will have to look in on the temperature problem,

the temperature of the molding machine units are commonly lower die is a little lower than the upper die temperature, can be appropriate modulation, make product non-stick mold, mold release under the water in the upper die spray mold spray less, then put in the weight of the raw material as far as possible the control to the appropriate.

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