Softening plasticizer and colouring agent, viscosifier is what, what are the features and applications

by:TaiHai     2020-09-30

softening plasticizer

can improve the processing performance of rubber mixing rubber, improve the flexible rubber products. The formability of materials called plasticizers. Different rubber with different softening plasticizer, such as common dibutyl butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber, dioctyl ester, pine tar is commonly used natural rubber, natural/butyl benzene Gao Fang commonly used oil, and natural/butadiene commonly used motor oil ( Six lines or oil) And so on, all follow the basic principles of similar compatible; Soften the plasticizer dosage have direct relationship with the hardness of rubber products, with the increase of dosage, the hardness of rubber products. Rubber, of course, the use of environment and the request of differences, to soften the kind of plasticizer, the dosage is different.

plasticizer chemical and physical plasticizer plasticizer.

physical plasticizer: general with oils, esters filled in rubber viscosity reduce rubber processing. Have good compatibility with rubber, no migration, volatile small, improvement the action such as cold resistant performance. Now often has the following categories:

1. Oil plasticizer series: typical products, three line oil, six line oil, paraffin wax 30 #, 10 # engine oil, engine oil, 50 # engine oil, transformer oil,

2. Coal tar plasticizer: coal tar, liquid coumarone, solid ancient Malone.

3. The pine oil plasticizer: pine tar

4. Plasticizer series of fatty oil, soybean oil

5. Synthesis of plasticizer, DBP, DOP, often used in polarity rubber.

the above five types of plasticizer is often used in various kinds of rubber, the concrete application method is different, especially the light products of plasticizer is more demanding, not only has good compatibility with rubber, light color transparent and requirements.

physical plasticizer dosage general with carbon black or packing with a certain proportion. Such as HAF50/100 raw rubber, 5 - 6 copies of pine tar ( In the natural rubber) 8 - Ten copies of the oil ( Butadiene, butyl rubber)

chemical main effect of plasticizer for shortening the time of rubber plastication, improve the plasticity of additives, also called plastic solution.

application: plastic solution agent to join in the natural rubber plastication. Plasticate, under the action of mechanical force, rubber macromolecule chain scission produce free radicals, the plastic solution agent can be used as a free radical termination agent, or large molecules in high temperature can attack button and make it easy to break the chain, so as to achieve lower molecular weight, enhance the plasticity. Typical products are five chlorine thiophenol etc.


for a large amount of carbon black filled rubber products such as automobile tires carbon black itself is coloring. Any material can change the color of the car tyres.

for light color products, such as rubber shoes, articles for daily use such as often use a small amount of coloring pigments to dye, the color make the product more lustrous. But in the curing reaction, the presence of sulfur. Or high temperature effect, many easy to react with sulfur dyes or easy decomposition of dyes were not used. With less dosage of organic dyes, effect is good, but easy to change color.

inorganic dye dosage, generally have an impact on performance, but colour and lustre is stable, long-term storage is not easy to change color. Such as rubber that is commonly used in iron oxide red is one example.

about colorants, and should be paid attention to when using the matters. Using the principles and experience in formula design.

tackifier: in car tyres, tackifier ACTS as an important role. Such as rubber and steel wire of the adhesive, glue, in shock absorber, and other products with the curtain, rubber and metal bonding, etc.

common tackifier resin class. Cobalt salts used in rubber, etc. Coated with the surface of the column g sodium ( Isocyanate) , modified phenolic resin, modified epoxy adhesives and commodity called Comlok.

in short rubber compound is varied. With the development of rubber industry use increase, chelating agent varieties and species are also on the increase. With the increase of new synthetic rubber varieties in, touch, chelating agent varieties is also on the rise.

other auxiliary functions, special effects are also different, in this not introduced one.

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