Smoke piece rubber/wrinkled piece rubber/standard rubber/plastic clear plastic four kinds of natural rubber is introduced

by:TaiHai     2020-08-10

common natural rubber generally have: smoke piece of rubber, wrinkled piece of rubber, standards, four rubber/plastic clear plastic, the below small make up you talk about four kinds of preparation methods, properties and USES of rubber.

a, cigarette adhesive preparation methods: para rubber tree down white whey, after solidification, pelleting, drying. Smoke and dry.

tobacco flake adhesive performance description:

1. With crystalline, the reinforcing sex is very good, raw rubber and cooperate with rubber and high mechanical strength.

  2. Has a unique viscoelastic, Damon's annual high molecular weight.

  3. With rubber components and more volatile, uneven quality, vulcanization time length are different.

  4. Nonpolar molecule in lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, etc. The swelling easily in the solvent swelling.

  5. To many times one bending deformation.

  6. On the main chain unsaturated double bond, easy sulfide but after curing aging.

tobacco flake adhesive application: used in tires, duct tape, rubber shoes, industrial products, is the most widely use, dosage of rubber. Especially large of tire body and tread manufacturing must belong to natural rubber

2, wrinkled piece of glue is not commonly used, it is white whey, shed para rubber tree after solidification, pelleting, drying. Add catalyst with hot air drying

the preparation method of standard rubber are common, it USES fresh latex coagulation or latex in the field of sludge caused by particles with hot air drying briquette.

standard rubber performance:

1. The performance difference is small, performance is stable.

  2. Molecular weight and low Mooney viscosity than smoke piece of gum, so after general plasticate, some even can be used directly processing.

  3. The curing rate, low door, scorch.

  4. Mechanical strength is lower than the smoke in their pure gum rubber, above the smoke after adding carbon black reinforcing piece of gum.

  5. Packing is reasonable, the marking is clear, easy to transport, storage and use.

3, standard glue application: used in tires, duct tape, rubber shoes, adhesive tape and all kinds of industrial products, especially in tire consumption is the largest.

4, clear adhesive preparation: when using centrifugation manufacturing concentrated emulsion separation of whey, after solidification, drying and

adhesive glue cleaning performance description:

1. Rubber components while less than 80% but the strength of the raw rubber and vulcanized rubber or higher.

  2. As protein more, the rubber easy to mildew in stores, curing speed, easy to glue to burn.

  3. Glue in copper, manganese and other harmful metals more easy ageing.

  4. Cheap, about 70% of the piece of rubber to smoke.

adhesive glue cleaning purposes: general use on the lower industrial products, and other natural or synthetic rubber, and adjust the process and physical properties. General rarely used.

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