Silicone waterproof seal waterproof as well as the application in the water heater

by:TaiHai     2020-08-17

the silicone waterproof seal waterproof as well as application in water heater

the water heater is one of the most important parts on silica gel type 0 waterproof sealing ring, also is everyone said 0 type ring, he has a good waterproof performance, take you go into more detail about today,

the silicone waterproof sealing ring - Waterproof

it is commonly said silicone waterproof sealing ring is silicone o-rings, belong to a product classification of silicone products, with silica gel as the material of ring products, silicone waterproof sealing ring is mainly used for waterproofing, sealing occasions. Silicone waterproof sealing ring type a national standard, American standard, European standard, Japanese standard.














  硅胶防水密封圈— — Important parts of the solar water heater

it is well known that the solar energy water heater used in outdoor, subjected to very harsh environment test. In the south, summer after continuous exposure to the sun, the solar energy water heater tank temperature can reach 140 ℃, in the cold of the north, the winter also can achieve - the lowest temperature Below 30 ℃, in this case, as a matter of the solar water heater parts - — Silica gel seal, it is very important, the quality of the material selection, rational design of the silicone sealing ring, can effectively prevent within a few years time appear slack phenomenon, to ensure the normal use of the water heater.

at present, because the majority of the solar water heater enterprises limited to its own technical ability, it is difficult to identify the quality of the silicone sealing ring, can only be based on product appearance, color, size and so on standard to choose simple, this will cause a lot of poor quality on the market of silicone seal is applied to the solar water heater, and the silicone seal may be in a short period of time because the solar water heater leakage causes decreased elasticity and so on, would endanger the personal property security, so the quality problem of the silicone seal has become the main source of the solar water heater, rubber is according to this problem developed cold resistant, high temperature resistant, fluid resistance, anti-aging, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection, stable performance characteristics such as silica gel seal, and, by the FDA, ROHS certification,

this is about 0 silicone seal effect, welcome customized and inquiry, the price preferential quality assurance.

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