Silicone rubber skeleton material and fabric choice and requirements

by:TaiHai     2020-10-06

silicone rubber skeleton material and fabric

skeleton materials is inherit from the external and internal forces of rubber products, improve the strength of the rubber products, and limit its deformation. It largely determines the performance of rubber products use value, so the vast majority of rubber products, such as tires, rubber hose, adhesive tape, rubber shoes, adhesive and so on all needs to use skeleton materials as reinforced material. Nice and rubber viscosity ( Rubber surface treatment) Good corrosion resistance and flame retardant performance

a. Cotton fiber

the strength of the cotton fiber is low, poor heat resistance and fatigue resistance and low elasticity, high heat resistance. Rayon

rayon yarn strength, fatigue resistance, heat resistance were higher than cotton fiber, the initial elastic modulus of high size stability is good, but after moisture absorption strength loss is bigger. Polyamide fibre

nylon, polyamide fiber is also called points nylon - again among them , nylon - 6 Several 66, etc. Nylon fiber high strength and good fatigue resistance, impact resistance performance is superior, but low modulus of elasticity, thermal shrinkage, size stability and viscosity of rubber is not good. Polyester fiber

polyester fiber commonly known as polyester. Its high strength, heat resistance, fatigue resistance and dimensional stability is very good. Due to high heat fatigue life and easy to cause amination, hydrolysis, etc and reduce the strength of the cord. And rubber adhesive properties is also poor.

5. 。 Poly (vinyl alcohol) fiber

pva fiber is also called vinylon or whalen. The strength of the elastic modulus are higher than cotton fiber, but not as good as nylon. With rubber viscosity than cotton fiber is poor, but better than nylon and polyester fiber, chemical corrosion resistance is also very good, but the wet and heat resistance is poor.

6. Glass fiber

glass fiber with high intensity, excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance, electrical insulation and heat insulation performance is very good also, but fatigue resistance and adhesive property of rubber can is very poor.

7. Wire

steel wire is one of the important skeleton materials of rubber products, its position in the rubber with fibre is growing. It is not only the necessary materials to make tyre steel wire circle, and with the development of radial tire, also used in large amounts of steel wire tire cord. In addition, it's on the steel wire weaving, winding hose and other rubber products also have a wide range of applications. The advantages of steel wire is excellent heat resistance and thermal conductivity. The initial elastic modulus is high. But than major, fatigue resistance, and the viscosity of rubber and chemical corrosion resistance is poor.

performance comparison between several common fiber is as follows:


vinylon & gt; Nylon - 6> Polyester & gt; Rayon & gt; - - Cotton fiber ( Drying conditions)

vinylon & gt; Polyester & gt; Nylon - 6> Cotton fiber & gt; Rayon ( Under the condition of wet)

heat-resisting performance

polyester & gt; Vinylon & gt; Nylon - 6> Rayon & gt; Cotton fiber


rayon & gt; Cotton & gt; Vinylon & gt; Nylon - 6> Polyester


nylon - 6> Polyester & gt; Rayon & gt; Vinylon & gt; Cotton fiber

8. High modulus aromatic polyamide fiber

the fiber is a dupont company began to research in early 60 s, early seventy s successful development of a comprehensive excellent performance of new fiber. Originally called B fiber, Kevlar, now referred to as domestic aramid fiber.

B fiber have the advantages of synthetic fiber and steel wire, is regarded as 'synthetic wire'. Its strength is 5 times of steel wire, elongation is small three. 7 ~ 4. 2%, and almost no shrinkage ( Shrinkage rate of 0 ~ 0 only. 2) 。 Excellent resistance to fatigue performance, small proportion, good resistance to chemical corrosion, is the most economic substitute for steel cord.

is suitable for polyester tire cord closed isocyanate/epoxy resin, phenolic butyl pyrazole latex system also applies to B fibers.

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