Silicone rubber products industry in 2017, the market share will increase

by:TaiHai     2020-07-30

due to the large volume of export textiles, electronic and electrical products, and in domestic demand, building, textile, automobile and daily chemicals fields, the organic silicon industry in China is to improve greatly. At present, China's industrial structure is based on the processing and manufacturing, which is very different, organic silicon consumption structure in other countries and regions, in foreign countries, silicone rubber and silicone oil consumption are equal, and China is mainly on the basis of the silicone rubber.
China has become the organic silicon monomer production center gradually foreign well-known enterprise production equipment have been completed in succession; Although there is a certain gap between China's organic production enterprises and foreign enterprises, the sustainable development of the industry, the main technical indicators has been gradually narrowing the gap, some enterprises has reached the international advanced level,
keep rapid development momentum, organic silicon industry and related enterprises, make the integration of upstream and downstream industries, relying on its advantages, therefore, there are some large enterprises, has a certain competitive advantage, in the field of monomer, key enterprises, bluestar, xinan Hoshine to silicone rubber field, key enterprises, HTC, dongjue xinan, white clouds and ZhiJiang and industrial chain integration includes bluestar, xinan and Hoshine, according to fluorine silicon and organic silicon special committee, has 16 organic silicon monomer production enterprise, in China, by the end of 2012, the production capacity of 2 million tons.

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