Silicone rubber products classification and requirements in the rubber belt

by:TaiHai     2020-08-07

in silicone rubber products is common type of rubber products rubber belt also known as 'rubber conveyor belt,' rubber belt main categories are:

1 conveyor belt;

2 flat belt;

3 v belt.


( 1) The warp is strong enough to carry the required load;

  ( 2) Weft must be strong enough to be firmly fixed buckle. For conveyor belt and transmission belt, ready for the beginning of the very same. Fabric must first pass through a series of hot roll or by drying room drying. In the process of fabric is still warm at the same time to grade. Grinding compound feed between the top and middle bowl, and in the middle on the bowl. Fabric in the middle of the bottom and feed between the bowl. To press the compound into the fabric of space and the classification of fabric to cool. Repeat this operation to the other side. Using liner to prevent adhesions.

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