Silicone rubber products back up the bubble?

by:TaiHai     2020-08-24

the most common type of silicone rubber products back is back and back rubber silicone rubber silicone mat buttons. Lamination process, if there are air bubbles, the entire product is likely to be scrapped. Then the question is how to prevent the generation of air bubbles? This is a question worth discussing

actually every a back rubber silicone accessories will appear the phenomenon of air bubbles, but for the back glue silica gel products of the area is small, air bubbles is little also, follow after check the packing, the bubble will be squeezed out slowly or not show small bubbles in the customer's products. Built recently, hao produced a for the farmer's market with intelligent electronic weighing said silicon panels, the silica gel on the back panel used the lamination process, because this kind of silicone panel lamination area is larger, the lamination process, the operator shall, in accordance with the previous assembly experience, back of 3 m gummed paper, looked at the time, didn't find any problem. Results the next day, found that silica gel on the back panel lamination appear larger bubbles, this product is certainly not to the customer.

in the evening, several senior technical workshop operator made a discussion on this issue. Decided to change the assembly techniques, as well as changing the pressure of pressing machine parameters and so on various aspects. After repeated testing, finally found an optimal assembly plan, according to this way of assembly, produced panel of gum of silicon surface is very smooth, after assembly to our customer, the customer is very satisfied!

custom silicone products into daily life more and more now, technological requirements more and more, so the customer has higher requirement for quality. Dongguan bo hao silicone products factory has a complete technological process, all process are completed in our factory, quality completely are manageable.

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