Silicone rubber - Excellent medical polymer materials

by:TaiHai     2020-07-27

the most widely used two kinds of rubber material is silicone rubber and polyurethane, polyurethane has good biological compatibility, excellent mechanical properties, easy processing, performance, controllable, etc; Silicone rubber has physiological inertia and biological compatibility good advantages of the two materials have long been found on medicine, and was constantly in the industry attention and research.

have excellent properties of

organic siloxane silicone rubber is a high molecular weight linear polyethylene, add certain components, and then according to certain technical requirements after processing, into a certain strength and elongation of rubber elastomer.

used as medicinal materials of silicone rubber, high temperature resistance, resistance to oxidation, hydrophobicity, flexibility, high permeability, resistance to ageing transparency, physiological inertia, and the body's tissues and blood not good adhesion, biological adaptability, non-toxic, tasteless, no carcinogenic and a series of excellent features.

silicon rubber as a medical polymer materials with excellent properties in rubber industry, and are subject to the attention of the professionals in the medical field. The reason is that, first, used as a rubber medical materials its high technical content, low cost, high added value and economic benefit is very considerable, Second, the use of the medicinal properties of silicone rubber. Can solve many problems on the medical skill, also can make the patients obtained satisfactory curative effect; Third, rubber sources, facilitate production and fine processing, has good social benefit and economic benefit.

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