Silicone rubber color research

by:TaiHai     2020-08-10

the diversification of silicone products and rubber products colour, is produced by silicone rubber color, different color can give a person different feeling.

blue, green, purple, give a person feel quiet and pure and fresh, so called 'cool ';

such as silica dust plug ( Green)

red, orange, yellow, give a person feel warm and happy, so called 'warm'.

such as colored epdm rubber mat ( Orange)

silicone rubber color can be mixed each other, will not be with the original to the color mixing, produce different new colors, hybrid method are divided into the following two kinds:

1. The addition of a color color mixing

2. Color color by mixing:

the following about color color by mixing rubber ( Subtracting the hybrid) :

color by mixing generally used red, yellow, blue three colors color by mixed with each other. Red is through, can let red wavelengths absorbed near the green and the color of the wavelength, is red. Yellow, blue same way.

when the yellow and blue mix, yellow pigments by absorption of short wave band, the blue yan by absorption of long wave band, the rest in the middle of the green band through, making people feel green; Also, red, yellow mixed left more than 560 nm long wavelengths become orange through. Mixed together red, blue, purple.

with red, yellow, blue as the primary colors, two primary phase spelling and become known as the three color, with orange, green, purple; Between the two hue spell and become known as the multicolor, with olive, blue grey, brown. Specific as follows:

red + yellow = orange ( Three) Orange + green olive green (= The complex color)

yellow + blue green (= Three) Green + purple = blue gray ( The complex color)

blue + red purple (= Three) Purple + orange = brown ( The complex color)

the above is the silicone color principle, on the other silicone rubber color matching and color article recommended:

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