Silicone rubber and metal bonding process

by:TaiHai     2020-08-03

as the constant innovation of the silicone industry technology progress, silicone rubber in the application of life is becoming more and more widely, but sometimes will run into some problems in application, how can such as silicone rubber products with metal bond, silicone rubber and metal bonding below to share with you the four step process:

a, metal surface treatment, to achieve adhesion, first of all to the metal surface processing, the commonly used methods are: chemical, mechanical, and three kinds of solvent, silicone products factory is chosen according to the actual method commonly, machine processing method often USES methods such as sand blasting, use sand cloth or emery wheel grinding, especially sand blasting method, low cost, quick speed, good effect, wide application. Chemical treatments are commonly used, especially the anodized aluminium and its alloys, copper plating of steel processing, need to use chemical method. After processing the surface of the metal, after processing the surface of the coated with adhesive, silicone rubber or immersed in an inert solvent.

2, metal connector ( Recommended products: fluorine rubber joint) Design, to realize the uf resin, silicone rubber and metal bonding joint second to start, because part of the overall design of the product, the understanding of the principle of design of joint first below:

1) Try to increase the bonding area, improve the bearing capacity of the adhesive joint;

  2) Adhesive joint stress modes should be shear or tensile force, prevent stripping force;

  3) In the direction of the mechanical bonding length shoulds not be too long, should try to increase the adhesive width;

  4) Lamination adhesive force direction should avoid interlayer separation;

  5) Angle is better than that of rectangular component;

  6) The transverse stress of joint surface adhesion should be adopted. According to the above principles and the characteristics of the rubber products, commonly used in the method such as drilling, threading groove of the metal, glue in order to improve the joint strength.

3, adhesive construction

qualified metal surface treatment, the bonding surface can be brush, spray, roll, knife, impregnation method such as falls, use what method, can according to the size of the piece and the properties of the adhesive to decide.

4, stick gum and sulfide, two methods have ReTie and cold paste, viscose mechanical or available for pressure after the album for compaction. Film shoulds not be too thick, adopt the method of step by step a thin film paste to the required thickness. General hard film thickness is 0.
1 to 1.
5 mm, soft film thickness is less than 4 to 5 mm, in order to avoid the film contains bubbles. Vulcanization glue can be divided into hot vulcanization and cold cure. Hot vulcanization glue is a good film will be posted in a certain pressure and temperature of the metal, make the finished rubber and metal bonding. Cold vulcanized adhesive is to use adhesive at room temperature, through certain time pressure nature sulfide, vulcanized rubber and metal bonding. Compression is indispensable to bonding process conditions, pressure and temperature, depending on the products and its formula.

the place on put together is narrated, in order to realize the silicone rubber and metal bonding, according to the four steps, the metal surface, joint, adhesive, bonding method, but the silicone products factory in implementation should pay attention to the following points, such as metal surfaces treated by chemical method, if not handled in time will be affected by dust, such as greenhouse gas pollution rust and oxidation, and construction of the binder for uniform and must be attached with glue, glue the environment temperature should be controlled in 15 ~ 35 ℃
relative humidity below 70%, the solvent volatilization completely and avoid surface dew.

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