Silicone products which applied in the medical industry

by:TaiHai     2020-07-20

the silicone products are widely used in medical field lies in the brain, otolaryngology, thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, internal medicine, urologist, orthopedist, and all kinds of classes, such as plastic

silica gel is often used in our daily life material, medical silica gel is used medical silica gel, but it is limited to external use, this kind of silica gel is likely to be food grade, has not yet reached the medical level. Medical grade silicone implant, it is to point to by medical certification and biocompatibility of the report, can be used for medical treatment, including contact with human blood, level of security level is much higher than the food, it is mainly used for making surgical instruments, include orthopedic implants, etc. Implanted medical grade silicone can be called medical silica gel, but can't call medical grade silicone, medical silica gel for higher security requirements, be sure to identify whether there are related to medical grade report.

first of all, the silica gel is a kind of performance is very excellent, medical polymer materials, used as artificial materials for medical use, its cost is lower, practicality, not prone to rejection, wrong has no harm to human body, biological adaptability is good, not with the body's blood capillary paste up.

the silicone products with good medical properties, colorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, resistant to oxidation, supple, transparency, high characteristics, medical problems can be solved by silica gel products, meet the patient's medical effect.

second, on the other hand, it can with clotting capability; Toxicity experiment results conform to the requirements of the medical; In the clinical application of biocompatibility, no teratogenic effect, no allergic reaction; Good toughness and elasticity, good processing performance, processing methods diversity, is the first choice for medical elastomer products produced various materials; Excellent wear resistance, soft tactility, moisture resistant, resistant to many kinds of chemical performance.

in the end, the silicone products also can be used in the production of artificial heart valves, artificial lung, bone glue, artificial skin, burns dressing device insulated wire, cardiac pacing, stitching, all kinds of plywood, drainage tube, grafts, trachea, dental materials, insert materials, family planning supplies

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