Silicone products, health indicators unqualified three factors

by:TaiHai     2020-08-30

many silicone products, companies have been export inspection unqualified, silica gel silica gel products from the following three aspects: health indicators unqualified causes mainly include:

it is raw material quality control is lax, some companies use lower quality grade for silicone material used in the production of food contact products, or in the process of production using unqualified color adhesive used for coloring, lead to health indicators moulded limit;

2 it is due to the particularity of raw materials, silicone products for production process control the demand is higher, especially after molding, products need enough of baking time to remove volatile substances, some enterprises in order to pursue the production efficiency, baking time stated on the finished products do not meet the packaging boxes, result in detection of total migration quantity to exceed bid.

do not take the three is the enterprise of product use conditions, the European Union and other countries require the most strict product testing should be according to the foreseeable conditions of use, and some only according to customer's samples production export enterprises, the use of products and the conditions of use value is not enough, lead to 'detect qualified products still has the risk on the report.

advice: production enterprises should strengthen the silica gel products raw materials quality control management, strengthen the construction of archives construction and production system to strengthen the management, to regulate the incoming inspection system; Enterprises should strengthen the process quality control, especially in baking finished product should be enough time to remove volatile substances; Strengthen enterprises and technical personnel, head of the training of reading technical regulations and standards at home and abroad. At the same time, enterprises should strengthen the communication with foreign trade companies or customers, understand the product use and sales market, improve the quality of silicone products.

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