Silicone products for the food industry and the influence of the function

by:TaiHai     2020-09-05

in our real life, is a lot of food and beverage services, the use of silica gel is not too much, just above the market seldom see silicone products also appear in the restaurant inside the hotel, just like simple silicone pot for the restaurant did not appear, but is still some in the family home in use.

because the silicone can resistance to high and low temperature - 40 to 300 degrees, so that can be used to pack things like soup, because the silica gel products has a smooth surface, but also need not arduous, soft, so in terms of cleaning silica gel has many features it itself is avirulent insipidity, in imported food grade silicone production factory production is used for mixing, among the industry for products must pass through a lot of testing to flow to the market, so many of the family or restaurant is not very understanding,

we saw of silicone articles for daily use familiar with silicone products, and we should also try the food and beverage industry, and many countries in Europe and the United States, countless with silica gel products as the theme of dining-room, so we should try a lot of fresh silica gel products.

met a silicone restaurant before, can see a lot of silicone articles for daily use, silicone ashtray on the table, the silicone tea, remote control set of kettle is silica gel, even the color of the wall is green, according to the boss, silicone environmental protection but not common in our daily life, so in this theme opened a green organic, silicone products manufacturer of small make up this feel silica gel or the love of a lot of friends in life.

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