Silicone mold how to calculate the price

by:TaiHai     2020-09-24

the silicone mold how to calculate the quotation process is different in the industry such as rubber, plastic, machining method and process are complex, in addition to personnel, machinery, molding, and other raw materials and require different process and special process, as you all know, need to consider the price calculation, from all aspects to ensure the reasonable cooperation of products on the processing and production.

1. When it comes to the price of silicone accounting, first of all, the weight of the product is the most important. In silicone rubber products industry, if the product has no weight, no one can accurately quote, so a lot of queries and customer need 3 d drawings or samples to calculate the weight of the product, they need to offer. For the product and the calculation method of general product volume by silica gel density is used to calculate the weight of the product. Silicone rubber products industry known density, density of 0. 0012, if use silicone density multiplied by the volume of a product, if the weight of the product is not the weight of the silica gel, so the product can not only determine the production of silicone material, so the density of the silicone can not only determine the weight of the product, but also can know whether it belongs to the quality of the silica gel.

2. Weight computation is completed, the product of the first mould and mould first mould, the product of the weight of the weight and burrs, the amount of raw materials, the curing time and the processing is smooth, the above accounting completed a silicone products manufacturer's profits, ensure that the product can carry on the processing at reasonable prices, so products offer not only related to the weight, and is associated with factors and human factors of the machine, middle production process is the key to solve the problem of main product quality.

as a result, it is not only in the growth of the machine and operation, the precision of the mould, but also to strengthen technology and operation personnel's quality and quality control personnel's quality, to meet certain requirements.

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