Silicone mold for the importance of the enterprise, what are the current situation and technical problems found

by:TaiHai     2020-09-26

of silica gel products processing and manufacturing, to a certain extent, the silicon mold based on the electronic information age to a certain extent, has realized the silica gel products industry's new prosperity. Silicone mold for the importance of the enterprise, the current status and technical difficulties.

the present situation of the silicone mold

at present, the manufacturers of organic silicon products is without a mold core energy production enterprises, so in all industries, mold technology is growing by leaps and bounds, a mold can display a region and a country's manufacturing level.

the silicone mold technical difficulties

in rubber and plastic mold industry for many years, though for manufacturers of silicone rubber products do not need to meet the 0. The requirement of 001 mm, but in addition to the size of the more important is the requirement of mould surface and the mould, and silica gel products is powerless to mold the two requirement, sometimes is considered to be a lack of technology, sometimes I also think that this is a question of equipment, so for the precision of the need to improve our country.

the silicone mold market crisis and opportunity

the silicone mold price I think have the idea to silicone rubber products industry, but now the mold industry, I think it's high price, but according to the product manufacturing disappointing, so a lot of mold manufacturers have such thoughts' harvest today don't need to wait until tomorrow in the fashion 'implementation mould industry market can't meet today, introduced many international rivals. In fact, bluntly said, you don't try so hard, but their jobs have been someone else took it away! And the development of silicone industry is almost associated with this phenomenon with the wind wave, at the technical level is expected there will be constantly new breakthrough!

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