Silicone material mixing, sulfide, cutting edge, color, a complete set of silica gel in the manufacturing process

by:TaiHai     2020-09-27

the silicone factory in detail from the silicone raw material shape and color choices, milky-white silica gel displacement after color mixing all sorts of color piece of material, after mixing plastic, will be pressed into the raw materials, the vulcanization molding, nap, disassembly, inspection, packaging a set of silica gel production process and illustrated explanation.

A raw material shape and color

B after color mixing milky-white deformation all sorts of color piece of silicone material,

after mixing plastic will be pressed into the raw materials, cut into A material of A

D vulcanization molding

E nap, disassembly, inspection, packaging.

F。 Finished product figure

that is related to the silicone production processes related to arrange, hope everyone to silica gel production process have a deeper understanding of, choose the silicone products manufacturer in shenzhen, shenzhen area can consider 10 old rubber products factory factory professional and more efficient.

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