Silicone manufacturers for you to answer the silicone gasket four common problems

by:TaiHai     2020-10-03

the silicone gaskets, a variety of shapes and with the same name of silicone accessories, it is widely used in industrial machinery and automotive electronics and other manufacturing industries, not only have the shockproof, anti-skid, anti-collision, prevent scratch, and many other features, not even when you are in use for a long time under the environment of any changes; Below is about the silicone pad often asked four questions, and silica gel manufacturer to find out together!

the silicone pad is what?
the silicone pad by environmental protection silicone rubber is a kind of material processing and become, also known as anti-skid pads, shockproof silicone pad, silicone pads, etc. , it has soft slippery wear-resisting, weather resistance, elastic, insulation, flame retardant, environmental protection, non-toxic, and many other features, is often used in a variety of instruments and electronic industrial machinery and equipment as buffer MATS, protect the main parts from a fall or wear. Also used widely in electronic equipment, display shelves, industrial machinery, home appliances, hardware accessories, plastic products, etc.

the silicone pad price how to calculate?
the price of silica gel pad is determined according to the customer of the specifications of the materials used, applied to industrial equipment in the field of silicone pad you just need to ordinary silicon rubber raw materials, and the application in the medical silica gel pad in the field of food processing technology not only complex, but the high prices of raw materials; Rubber gasket of the specific price need according to the size of the customers to use and process to decide.

clean silicone pad?
the silicone pad cleaning can use detergent and soap, but cannot use detergent cleaning for a long time, otherwise it will lead to damaged or white silica gel surface phenomenon, suggested to use relatively stable chemical composition or soap, through a cloth or brush wash in warm water.

how do you use the silicone mat?
there are straps on surface of the rubber mat is a sticky double-sided tape, can tear through from type paper pads directly fixed to the position of the adhesive; Generally, silica gel and double-sided adhesive from the model between sex, so most of the manufacturers will be between the pads and double-sided adhesive coated with a layer of silicone glue increase viscosity.

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