Silicone foam tube - What is the function of foamed silicone tube - Silicone foam tube manufacturer which is reliable

by:TaiHai     2020-09-18

many novice purchase in silicone foam tube all want to know, what is the silicone foam tube, what is the function of foamed silicone tube, silicone foam tube reliable manufacturer which is these problems that doesn't understand the industry of novice, silica gel products factory 10 years to answer them.

what is silicone foam tube

the silicone foam tube is a kind of high temperature resistant silicone foam extrusion products, product 100% gas phase silicone raw materials, by adding the foaming agent, high temperature oven curing in the vulcanization process produces a large amount of air. Leads to the formation of a silica gel inside a large number of small holes through them. The most obvious feature of the product is high temperature resistant, good elasticity, can continue to work in temperatures of up to 300 degrees, no qualitative change.

what is the function of foamed silicone tube

1. Silicone foam tube sealing performance is good, durable, good insulation effect, sound insulation effect is good.

2. Silicone foam tube avirulent environmental protection, is not easy to react with other chemicals.

3. Through strict inspection, type of silicone foam tube expansion rate is much higher than other sealing tape, fire prevention performance is good.

4. The unique design and beautiful appearance, bubble the silicone tube dynamic seal.

the main role of silicone foam tube and the booming construction industry, its overall window decoration is good, but also needs to have good insulation, sound insulation, dust, sealing, etc. Silicone foam tube doors and Windows, as a kind of attachment, is the important guarantee of these excellent properties.

the silicone foam tube reliable manufacturer which is

the silicone foam tube at present guangdong production of many products used for the quality of foreign trade products, especially rubber products (shenzhen) co. , LTD. , founded in 2008,

has an independent mold workshop, oil pressure workshop, the company is located in the geographic center of shenzhen longhua new district mission street, covers an area of more than 1500 square meters,

is a company specializing in the production of a variety of silicon ( Rubber) Plastic extrusion/moulded products manufacturers, especially foaming silicone products have an advantage. Support in Japanese and English spoken language communication, if you have any question can be consulting.

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