Silicone foam board manufacturer in the three key points of development of furniture materials

by:TaiHai     2020-08-23

in our domestic supply silicone foam board manufacturer produces furniture material ( Including cabinet) Less than ten percent share of the market, of course, here have consumption problem, but more important is to our consumers to silicone foam board lack of correct understanding about this material. It makes the production of silicone foam board manufacturer has been curbed, and so cannot be formed the scale, from the following three aspects is the enterprise's ability to break the predicament must have

1, sales channels,

in general, the large system of silicone foam board manufacturer to dealers, this way sales face widely, but often cause the price on the high side, the small and medium-sized manufacturers are mostly adopt direct manufacturers, this way is single sales channels, the price is a bit low. But the dealer to after-sales service, the more dealers, after-sale will be timely, so both supplement each other.

2, scientific research and technology into the

technology changes with each passing day, brand silicone foam board manufacturer have separate technology development department, technology department responsible for the development of new equipment and the improvement of the old equipment. A lot of small and medium-sized silicone foam board manufacturer production so few products, is too single, often silicone foam board manufacturer to research and development of new products will bring strong market benefit.

3, after-sales service

the use of silicone foam board manufacturer is large equipment, no matter how good equipment, can damage occurs, this time will send someone to company. Some small factory due to the limited maintenance staff, after-sales service also affects the manufacturer's image. , of course, the quality of the worse, the repair rate is higher, on the contrary, too, so the quality and maintenance also complement each other.

believe that through the joint efforts of us, the maturing of the market, the industry of silicone foam board manufacturer in the field of furniture must be meeting a new step.

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