Silicone cutting machine operation steps

by:TaiHai     2020-07-30

a, silicone cutting machine operation steps:

1, open the total power cutting machine.

2, based on the mixture formulation and the cutting material specifications wi, find the appropriate cutting specifications: width, material weight and so on.

3, adjust and balance the scales to swim yards pointer all return to zero, and on the basis of material specifications to select the corresponding weights, placed Yu Tianping tray, when it is necessary to adjust the rider weighing Jordan farmar set standards.

4, click on the touch screen operation panel, set the corresponding cutting specifications.

5, according to the 'green' start button to start cutting

6, cut to 2 ~ 3 according to the 'red' stop button, after first order heavy weigh, such as with the standard specifications, can continue to cut, such as otherwise need to reset until are in conformity with specifications.

7, after the cut, according to the 'rejected material' button will excess stock and excess tape out.

8, wipe the machine, shut down the machine power supply.

9, will cut a good raw material, indicate the material number, standard weight, the machine number, production date, etc. , placed in the raw material storage area and inform the inspector's signature confirmation. http://www。 gdtaihai。 com/

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