Silicone and rubber products and young's modulus/hooke's law

by:TaiHai     2020-08-13

recently saw some silicone products industry friends asked: silica gel and young's modulus rubber product can do? Hooke's law and what is the relationship?

actually, including young's modulus, elastic modulus in the silicone rubber industry can't strictly to measure young's modulus, because do not comply with the law of elastic rubber, namely hooke's law. For example, in the vibration industry need to measure modulus, the stiffness, and according to the customers' standards, fixed form reaction variables measured values, and the static and dynamic two kinds.

the following explain what is the young's modulus, young's modulus is the object within the elastic limit, elastic and stress ratio, it shows a resist deformation quantity of solid materials. According to different working situation, have corresponding tensile elastic modulus, young's modulus. Its size, the characterization of the rigidity, the greater the young's modulus is not easy to deformation. Such as steel, at the same time its young's modulus is more stable. Glue and rubber is a play of the amphoteric polymer, and steel molecular junction 抅 completely different, it does not comply with hooke's law, at the same time, such as temperature and loading rate conditions change, the dependence is more noticeable, of stress - - Strain curve, do not conform to the linear relationship. As the young's modulus value of rubber is very very small, it does not make sense, is about one over ten thousand young's modulus value several steel. If be sure to measure young's modulus of rubber is also can be measured.

and it is worth noting: young's modulus for the silicone rubber is more complicated, the young's modulus is in a process of change is not a constant value. Measured value will appear deviation. Other rubber this thing is special, we assume that the test under the condition of external factors don't change. With a batch of products are different, the inside factors change too much. So the high polymer material has the particularity of his and the theory of metal material is different.

young's modulus is referring to the longitudinal elastic modulus under stress, the classic theory, linear materials to comply with hooke's law, have the meaning of the young's modulus, but in fact, now a scientific theory is not so narrow. In the traditional sense of the linear solid material, in stress enough or strain nonlinear relationship, when large enough in the traditional sense of the nonlinear solid material, in stress or strain enough hours, linear relationship will be converted into cash. As a material stress analysis, strain ( Compression) , shear elastic modulus, poisson's ratio is very meaningful, as an important data of finite element analysis. Young's modulus as basic data, for the former analysis system is necessary. A large number of foreign literature, young's modulus measurement and theoretical research for rubber is very sufficient. So direct measure of the stress strain gauge data is not accurate, must use the dynamic method.

that is silicone and rubber products and young's modulus/hooke's law is introduced, the relationship between are for reference only.

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