Silicon rubber industry fought domestic we can in the global outbreak

by:TaiHai     2020-07-20

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, we can survive from the outbreak is a symbol of power, so this year for silicon rubber industry, foreign markets become a mess, orders cancel orders problem into the problem of industry, so we can put the eyes of market in domestic, someone said that the scourge is often accompanied by an opportunity, we in the domestic market is also a good choice

to the production of silicone products factory all know, in fact, all kinds of silicone products in the domestic use is not widespread, because Chinese people interested in what is not on the silicone, and the abroad is very in favor of silica gel products. So domestic silicone factory are focus on the European and American market, but in this particular year this year, export trade is bad to do. In such cases, the emperor silicone will focus on the domestic market, although less, but it is a user. From the industry, daily necessities, machinery manufacturing, toys accessories industry can use silica gel.

with the outbreak of abroad, foreign trade business is become more and more difficult. Foreign trade, was awarded the worst industry development letter sent round and round, most of the customer's reply is the company suspended the service, in addition to the manufacturer of necessaries of customers in the growing, other are trying to find new customers to place an order as soon as possible, also hope to old customers can continue to place the order. Asian countries some factory still in production, and some also temporarily shut down; Especially the exports of the United States, the United States confirmed more than 300000, imposed restrictions in every state, most of the factories are not allowed to open production; With many customers all over the world in Europe also said the plant shut down temporarily, other countries like Asia still in work, some factories part also shutdown.

in addition to the factories, express also many blasting warehouse, transportation time because outbreaks are getting longer, many people sent goods from anxiety began to customer if they can get money, whether the balance payment to settle. Hope that the outbreak of each country are quickly in the past, look forward to the outbreak on the day of end fully recover normal trade.

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