Silica gel products simple process of formulation design to production and processing

by:TaiHai     2020-08-04

is engaged in the production and sales of silicone rubber products for nearly ten years, for the formulation design to production and processing the silicone products is to talk about some experience, here small make up for the silicone products designed to formula determined to production and processing of simple process to share:

1, first of all we get customer order of silica gel products, with some basic requirements and product size design drawings, understand the product visual requirements;

2, requirements are decomposed, the first set of silicone rubber varieties, products to meet the basic performance, then draw the outline of formula about contour;

3, draw the outline of the silicone products formula at the same time, according to the process, materials and other key points and difficulties to understand;

4, by solving the difficulty, focused thinking, to avoid finishing reset, and strive to improve;

5, according to design formula of the main body, highlight the formula structure characteristics and meet the features, process suitability; ( Silica gel products design/production process and process matters that should pay attention to manufacture)

6, small, examining the formula design and performance test;

7, according to the experience, predicted deviation of amplification formula, and within the scope of the permit, are implemented.

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