Silica gel products processing equipment inventory

by:TaiHai     2020-07-19

filed a silica gel products, I believe everyone know, it not only became the indispensable to our things, but also very environmental protection and safety, such as in daily life we give children drink milk teeth silicone nipple silicone rubber, television, air conditioning remote control keys, smart phones, silica gel on the following, commercial activities and given silicone bracelet and so on, these are made of silicone material; But the silicone products processing equipment exactly what? Believe that you are also very curious, here is to inventory the silicone rubber products factory processing equipment.

raw materials processing equipment: rubber mixing machine is usually used in silicone raw materials with different curing agent, mixing the toner machinery and equipment, through the two rotary roller to constant pressure function, silica gel by interrupting rubber molecular linkage of enhance the plasticity of silica gel,
rubber cutting machine, also known as cutting machine, is often used in silicone rubber mixing raw material after cutting, which can effectively save raw materials and avoid waste, both to improve cutting efficiency, reduce manual rubber cutting labor costs;
: electronic balance used to calculate the silicone raw materials, finished products and mixed fertilizer, the weight of the required weight in order to calculate the raw material and mixing ratio of additives.

the silicone molding equipment hydraulic press: through hydraulic press machine mould temperature and pressure under certain curing time, with the aid of the silicone mold vulcanization molding silicone products;
air compressor, its role is largely through the pneumatic air pressure gun high-pressure compressed air auxiliary silicone products to take off the membrane and clean up the mold internal residual impurities;
vacuum pump: used in conducting the key production equipment, through the conductive black grain adsorption in fixture and then put into the machine mould finish work;
secondary sulfide: by secondary sulfide removing silica gel inside the peculiar smell of various additives to improve the thermal stability of silicone products, improve product of cyclic strength, resilience, hardness and density.

silica gel process equipment:
screen printer ink by screen printing screen printing on the silicon surface, and form the patterns, words and LOGO to customer;
laser engraving machine, through the transparent silicone products surface coating color ink, using a laser carving machine carved in the surface of silica gel products processing, and finally form the customer needed to design and achieve pervious to light effect;
sprayer: through spray hot oil in the surface of silica gel, not only can increase the silicone products exquisite and smooth handle, but also can reduce the dust dirt on the surface of the silica gel;

silicon mold equipment: CNC machining center CNC also known as computer gongs, by providing programming for the drawing size parameters of the main equipment to control the machine processing silicone mold;
spark machine: used to silicone mold edm, through the tool electrode and mold immersion in the electrolyte, make through polar discharge processing mold to achieve the right size and roughness;
sandblasting machine: general silicone mold placed for a long time will produce oxidation phenomenon, the accumulation of surface dirt can cause molding silicone products to produce a large number of quality problems, through the sand to remove the burr in the mold core and rust.

product testing equipment
secondary yuan: used to measure the Angle, diameter and radius in the silica gel products such as data; Instrument:
curve is used to load curve data records of silicone buttons;
aging box, used to measure the aging resistance of silicone products;
hardness tester, is used to measure the hardness of products;

caliper: for product size measurement tools;

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