Silica gel products industry in 2018 is still strong

by:TaiHai     2020-08-31

in recent years, the progress of the silica gel products industry is obvious to all, the silica gel products industry in China has obtained the good result, not only supply our products in domestic demand, as a result of the technology by leaps and bounds in the foreign market is very competitive, but also exported to exported to some developed countries, especially European and American developed countries, in North America is very popular in South America.

at new materials to replace the old materials:

in the domestic, silica gel products instead of plastic products, gradually become a new round of household necessities, a lot of household kitchen utensils and appliances is the silicone raw material to produce. Such as silicone spoon, silicone bowl, silicone chopsticks, etc. , but also very creative, such as silicone folding bowl, is a more convenient of silicone rubber products.

domestic users get used to the silicone market:

from the current consumer spending on silicone rubber products, natural silicone rubber consumption rate of several percentage points higher than in the synthesis of silicone rubber consumption rate, the market actually still can develop good synthesis of silicone rubber products, to improve the synthesis of silicone rubber products share, can let the synthesis of silicone rubber products in the field of some segments to replace plastic products, if the application scope of silicone rubber products is more and more widely, so consumption also corresponding growth, the growth of the market space will be further,

the domestic market of silicone industry stronger growth:

at the same time, according to authority, to 2018 silicone rubber products will occupy the domestic rubber 10 - of the total consumption 15 points, and by 2020, rubber products will occupy the domestic rubber 20 - of the total consumption 33 points, so the development of silicone rubber products industry potential and development prospects are very attractive, and its rapid development also will be extremely far-reaching impact on upstream and downstream industries.

don't believe that the future of silicone rubber products industry is a simple single industry in the development of a single, but a combination of multiple industry common development, will be very bullish on the prospect of development of silicone rubber products industry, to enhance the profitability of the silicone rubber products industry and improve the quality of silicone rubber products has far-reaching significance.

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