Silica gel products factory take you understand the three major technology of silicone molding

by:TaiHai     2020-10-03

in daily life, we use to many products using silica gel as accessories, with silica gel as the raw material made of silica gel products not only non-toxic environmental protection, and for the product has excellent dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, anti-skid, anti-collision, sealing, insulation, heat resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, miscellaneous pieces of silicone accessories superior performance, and its application range is very wide, such as cushion, article key cap, sealing ring, dustproof plug, conductive, protective sleeve, sealing strip and so on. Here we all want to understand the process of silica gel products have?

about silicone products process, know best than silica gel products factory, is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of silicone rubber mould and silicone rubber products manufacturers, usually the production of miscellaneous pieces of silicone accessories need silicone mold as the silicone molding auxiliary tool; According to different mould and processing technology and raw materials, the process is divided into three categories: the silica gel products here

silicone moulding process molding mould heating to a specified temperature, then the silicone raw materials into the mould heating pressure molding, molding silicone products dense texture, size accurate, smooth appearance is bright and clean, good stability; Used to chuck buttons, seal cushion, cases, plastic bags and other accessories processing;

2, silicone extrusion process extrusion refers to through the extrusion machine equipment for silicone extrusion molding, the processing method is simple in process, the disadvantage is that only article processing/tubes of silicone products; Commonly used in silicone pipe, foaming, seals and other products production;

3, silicone injections process
the injection molding process is often used in liquid silicone, by injecting machine pouring material into the mold cavity in curing, the disadvantage is that complex mould cost is high, not suitable for small batch production. Commonly used in silicone pacifiers, silica gel mask, cell phone sets and other accessories manufacturing

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