Silica gel products factory management responsibility program

by:TaiHai     2020-07-30

1, sampling segments of unqualified batch processing, labeling, notify the relevant units.

2, OQC duties.

3, goods checking, judgement, record, sign.

4, check the unqualified batch just every other processing, labeling, notify the relevant units.

5, the quality of statisticians.

6, statistical quality goals to achieve.

7, to the target value is not filled in a project continuous improvement report, notify the relevant unit review to improve.

8, ISO implementation team ( ISO implementation team member table accessories) 。

9, responsible for writing and modify the quality and environmental management system documents.

10, to assist the management representative organization company management review, internal quality, environmental audit.

11, responsible ISO8001 & amp; ISO14001 management system basic knowledge propaganda and the employees' consciousness of quality, environmental management system of the training work.

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