Silica gel products export must know knowledge _hs coding

by:TaiHai     2020-08-25

familiar with silica gel products customs hs codes is that every job is the necessary knowledge, no contact with export jobs will be a stranger in the hs code, let alone know what silicone products hs code

1. Silica gel products hs code definition:

the silicone products hs code is to coordinate the silicone name and code system, also known as H. S encoding system, is the most widely use in today's international business, most countries, the latest and most complete application international trade commodity classification system.

2. Silica gel products hs code history:

H. S code to take effect on January 1, 1988, after more than two years on January 1, 1990 the implementation of the full implementation. China's customs to begin on January 1, 1992 to H. S code compiled on the basis of the law of the People's Republic of China on import and export tax '.

3. Concrete structure silicone products hs code:

H. S layout structure of all international trade goods according to the production department is divided into 21 classes; In all kinds of, basically the same set chapter starting materials or the same type of products, a total of 97 chapter, chapter 77 of blank for later use. Chapters, and set up item, item is subdivided, consists of Buddhism.

coding coordinate System shall be formulated by The council of international customs, English name for The Harmonization Code System ( HS - 代码) 。 The HS code chapter 98 a total of 22 categories. Internationally accepted the HS code by two, four and six yard. For example: 'silicone products' six yards of 696910, the classified as four code 6969 'silicone products, silicone and items', and 4 digit code is classified as two code 69 ( The chapter 69) 'Silica gel tableware products; Brush or scraper of silica gel products '. Six yards above the coding and corresponding goods by national since.

4. Silica gel products hs code:

since 1992, the Chinese customs using the hs code system. Use the HS code to retrieve, can accurate positioning to find goods. Each product has a unique customs code is HS, customers can through the customs broker in the most simple and convenient way to know your commodity code. Familiar with silica gel products customs hs codes is that every job is the necessary knowledge, use the right name and code is an important method in export marketing.

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