Silica gel products common quality problem summary

by:TaiHai     2020-10-01

is a kind of silicone products is given priority to with silicone molding processing of silica gel products, with high temperature resistant, easy cleaning, long service life, flexible, comfortable, environmental protection, non-toxic, and other characteristics, its application in our daily life is very extensive, common silicone products include silicone pacifiers, silicone tube, silicone cake mold, silicone kitchenware, silicone keys, silicone bracelet and silicone cases, but in the process of the actual use of silica gel products, some people will encounter all sorts of problems; Today is for everybody to introduce the causes of common quality problems in the silicone products and solutions, hope friends inside and outside the industry can help.

1, the silica gel products dark mark
causes: silica gel products molding temperature more than color paste, will lead to water ripple after silicone molding
the solution: to control the temperature within the scope of color paste under the

2, silica gel products yellow
cause: for a long time under the condition of using silica gel products, around the ring will have yellow on silica gel;
the solution: through in silicone raw materials or use of the agent that fight yellow better silicone raw materials, such as food grade liquid silicone, silicone and meteorological glue, etc.

3, silica gel products absorb dust
causes: silica gel silica gel desiccant is contained in raw materials, it will be the dust in the air on the surrounding environment produce strong adsorbability
the solution: through dust-free workshop production of silicone products, can reduce the silica gel to dust exposure; Or adopt the method of silica gel surface spray hot oil to reduce the dust adsorption force

4, silica gel products oil
causes: silica gel add silicone oil and white mineral oil of raw materials, as a result of clashed with white carbon black and the mixture of oil phenomenon;
the solution: to control the use amount of silicone oil and release agent, generally speaking, the silicone raw material of silicone oil will conflict with high corrosion chemicals, need to use alkaline substances increase adhesiveness;

5, silica gel products mold
causes: silicone raw materials of some additives are the main factors that cause mildew, such as silicone oil, color powder, curing agent, they are a facilitator of mold growth main nutrition; Storage environment humid environment encourages the silicone products mold growth;
the solution: store do dry and ventilated warehouse, regularly check the silicone products appear problem, to mold the silicone product can use of alcohol or fungicide to deal with.

6, silica gel products pull bad
cause reason: usually this kind of reason is that the silicone products manufacturer in silicone oil pressure molding process, in order to shorten the product cycle time, increase product yield through adjust the machine pressurized heating, prone to a lot of non-conforming product, and can shorten the service life of the product;
the solution: adjust the machine to fit for the silicone products molding mould temperature, prolong its hydraulic molding.

due to the equipment of the part of the silica gel products, technology and experience, causes and solution of problems will also vary, details please refer to the actual circumstances; Shenzhen as a 10 years experience in custom silicone the strength of the manufacturers, we have been adhering to this for the customer to provide quality products and services, to provide the corresponding solutions for specific customer requirements, one-stop customized service and subsequent order tracking timely feedback to ensure that customers can receive satisfactory goods. Welcome to come to see factory inspection!

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