Silica gel processing technology _ the difference between the laser carving and printing

by:TaiHai     2020-08-26

the character above the silicone products is how to? Silica gel products there are two kinds of above to print, design process, respectively is a laser carving technology and printing technology, laser carving and printing process of products, from the visual effect is the same, at the same time it still has a lot of difference.

then introduce two kinds of silicone products in the process of difference:

1: radium carving products, fonts, design is pervious to light; Screen printing products are opaque.

2: laser carving products, fonts, design is the color of the material color, the base of color is the color of the ink. Screen printing product type, design, color is the ink color.

3: using the principle of the two kinds of process is not the same, radium vulture for surface treatment, using the optical principle of the physical principles that screen printing is let the ink stick on it.

4: the price is not the same, but the price of high and low or because of the font, to the difficulty of the design.

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