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by:TaiHai     2020-09-19

a lot of people don't know silica gel plate prices, silica gel plate manufacturers also can not find suitable always find agent, silicone products factory today for everyone to introduce silica gel plate prices and manufacturers.

silicon sheet the price of two kinds of classification:

the industrial level of silica gel plate price:

the industrial level of silica gel plate refers to fluorescent agent is added in the production process or other industrial components, used in industry, factory, production environment, generally have lower price, this kind of silica gel plate, generally is silica gel plate one kilogram is 25 yuan, 100 kg minimum, specific need to see if there is a special specifications and requirements.

food-grade silicone plate price:

slopes of silicon sheet refers to the food in the process of production using the best quality silica gel material without any additive industry, for life, the kitchen, tableware and so on People's Daily use of environment, the average price is very high, this kind of silica gel plate, typically silicon sheet one kilogram is 65 yuan, 100 kg minimum, specific need to see if there is a special specifications and requirements.

silica gel plate factory, shenzhen silicon sheet what manufacturer

shenzhen rubber products co. , LTD. , founded in 2008, has an independent mold workshop, oil pressure workshop, the company is located in the geographic center of shenzhen longhua new district mission street, covers an area of more than 1500 square meters, is a professional production of various kinds of silicon ( Rubber) Plastic extrusion/moulded products manufacturers, especially foaming silicone products have an advantage. Support in Japanese and English spoken language communication, if you have any question can be consulting.

the above is the silica gel products factory in shenzhen to arrange with silica gel plate price and the related content of manufacturer, hope to be of help. Custom silicone products choose silicone products factory in shenzhen.

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