Silica gel made six process

by:TaiHai     2020-10-02

silica gel is that we see something, usually something very ordinary but the production process, it can be divided into six kinds of

a. Die mould pressing,
this craft is most common. To cooperate to complete, mainly by the mould shape determines the shape of the silica gel products. Molded silicone products usually through high temperature mold after add add curing agent of solid silica gel raw material through vulcanization machine pressure, high temperature sulfur solidification molding, molded silicone hardness at 30 ° C - usually 70 ° C the production process is relatively simple, suitable for all the silicone products.

2. Injection ( Injection)
this process is of higher quality requirements, is a combination of liquid silicone and plastic.
the product characterized by good heat stability, cold resistance, good electrical insulating properties, burns does not produce toxic substances, etc.
so in health supplies, car, baby supplies, medical supplies, diving supplies, kitchen utensils, and seals in the product design to become an irreplaceable material.

extrusion molding, extrusion silicone products in guangdong is usually by extrusion of silicone extrusion molding machine, general extruding silicone strip shape, tube shape can be arbitrary cutting, extrusion art to the product shape is unitary, strip. The silicone tube which has been widely used in the field of medical, machinery and equipment. Can also be used for packaging the cache role.

4. Rolling
silicone rubber in white carbon black mixing rubber, silicone oil mixing into kneading then through rolling out the sheet.
a film made by rolling, the physical and mechanical properties of the longitudinal and transverse have obvious differences, the phenomenon of rolling effect. Embodied in the film the longitudinal tensile strength is greater than the lateral, film horizontal elongation at failure is greater than the vertical, longitudinal shrinkage rate is greater than the lateral film.
rolling effect is larger in the rubber and acicular, lamellar compound directional results in the process of rolling along the rolling direction. The size of the rolling effect, and the composition of rubber, rolling temperature, speed, speed ratio and so on.
for larger products, such as silica gel, silica gel plate.

5. Perfusion
irrigation mode or perfusion mode of operation: irrigation mode or perfusion model, is used to compare smooth or simple products, no save work line to save time, would you want to copy product or model, with plastic board or glass plate that will be a vacuum of silica gel directly into the products above, after being dry silica gel forming, take out the products, mold is molding the ( Note: perfusion model generally adopts the soft hardness of silica gel to do die, so that parting easier, not damage the inside of the silicone mold products) 。 Is the product of the combination of solid and liquid, use, for example, mobile phone sets, luggage sets, etc.

6. Coated
fast curing; Strong adhesion; Liquidity is good, easy deaeration. Using platinum complex catalytic, non-toxic, no smell; Excellent thermal stability and cold tolerance ( Use the temperature - 60℃~200℃) After forming has good air permeability, heat resistance, and a certain tensile strength;
antiskid performance is wonderful; No pollution; Low hardness. Firm adhesive of graft. High tear strength; High transparency; Good tensile properties. Wear-resisting, washable, resistant to high temperature; Three-dimensional level is high, the fabric is smooth, soft, pliable texture excellent, good elasticity. Washable and dry cleaning.
apply to the above, have the effect of anti-aging. Such as silicone glove, rain, etc.

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