Silica gel made important step _ silicone products open mould

by:TaiHai     2020-08-25

all things are difficult before they are easy, silica gel products open mould is the first step to making is a very important work, it will affect the quality of your products, the important factors that affect your work efficiency.

we do silicone products open mould to note that the mold designer is important, they design the mold every detail will affect our production line of work efficiency, so we die designers design silicone mold must be careful, many consider the production line of work product quality, working efficiency, there is a line in our production line workers, open mold, mold clamping edge cracks, must not have a leak.

the silicone products open mould when also want to pay attention to the temperature, is too high, too low temperature will affect the quality of the products. Also is the problem of mould material, good material to make better mold, and good mould to make our silicone products quality improved greatly.

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